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1969/04 ¡@

Convened initiators¡¦ meeting, drew up corporate policies and regulations. Through election, Mr. Li, Chunyu was appointed as president and Hideo Osawa as vice president. Capital amounted to NT$3.6 million.

1969/05 ¡@

Established TAIHO Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. after receiving approbation from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

1970/04 ¡@

Completed the construction of the first factory; imported semi-finished taps from Japan for manufacturing.

1973/03 ¡@

Completed the first-phase facilities and equipment; manufactured alloy steel taps, including manufacturing and processing for the whole project.

1976/06 ¡@

Expanded the production of Threading Dies and Thread Rolling Dies for screw pressing and forming.

1977/11 ¡@

Appraised by Ministry of Economics Affairs as the ¡§First Class Quality Control Factory¡¨ and recognized as ¡§Qualified Exporting Factory¡¨.

1983/10 ¡@

President Li, Chunyu deceased and Mr. Li, Chuntang succeeded as president.

1984/07 ¡@

Recognized by Ministry of Economics Affairs as a factory with CNS certification.¡¨.

1986/02 ¡@

Recognized by Japan Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and passed Japanese Industrial standard JIS.

1986/11 ¡@

Recognized by The Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) as the model company for ¡§rationalized management¡¨.

1989/10 ¡@

Newly appointed President Mr. Li, Shihhuang assumed office.

1996/03 ¡@

Set up DA-BAO(Dongguan) Molding & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

1997/06 ¡@

Pubic offering and applying for over-the-counter trading.

1997/08 ¡@

Passed ISO-9001 certification.

1999/08 ¡@

Formally started over-the-counter trading with the consent of the GreTai Securities Market.

2002/03 ¡@

Newly appointed President Mr. Teruhide Osawa assumed office.

2004/01 ¡@

Reorganized Management Team of Dongguan factory.

2004/05 ¡@

Terminated over-the-counter trading with the consent of the GreTai Securities Market.

2004/07 ¡@

Renamed as Kunshan DAIHO Tai-He Hardware Trading Co.

2004/07 ¡@

Set up Ningbo TAIHO Hardware Trading Co.

2004/08 ¡@

Newly appointed General Manager Mr. »·Ãùý assumed office.

2005/03 ¡@

Passed CNLA certification (Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation) for laboratory .

2005/09 ¡@

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Taiwan Ben-Jhou factory (Taps production). The land area covers 35,286.87 square meters.